Double bill: Billy Moon – Moss Project: What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?

Billy Moon

Billy Moon

Matthew Bourne – piano, ‘cello
Seaming To – voice
Olivia Moore – violin
Semay Wu – ‘cello

Moss Project

Moss Freed – guitar
Alice Zawadzki – voice, violin
Kevin Glasgow – bass guitar
Marek Dorcik – drums

Two new projects using text in different ways as the starting point for musical journeys.

Opening the evening, a song-based concept inspired by A. A. Milne’s much-loved Winnie The Pooh stories. During rehearsals, Matt and Seaming discovered the dedication in When We Were Very Young: “To Christopher Robin Milne or, as he prefers to call himself, Billy Moon”. Struck by the name and the Englishness of the stories, this provided the springboard for further original texts, set to deceptively simple musical themes. The resultant sounds are intimate, personal and often deeply moving.

What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes? is a new music and literature collaboration featuring six award-winning writers commissioned to create short stories/poems based on each piece of music. Presented with a combination of live and recorded readings of the literary works, the suite moves from heavy riffs to classically-tinged arrangements, via folk-infused melodies, thick vocal harmonies and flowing counterpoint.

Authors: Colum McCann, Naomi Alderman, Joe Dunthorne, Lawrence Norfolk, Hanan al Shaykh and James Miller.

Presented in association with Manchester Literature Festival

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control Ruth Goller is no longer appearing as part of this concert.

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