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Chesaba By Alex Moldovan

Abel Selaocoe ’cello/Sidiki Dembele djembe, kora, ngoni, calabash/Alistair McMath bass

Salon Perdu

Using ’cello, bass and a wealth of traditional African instruments, this trio celebrates a wealth of African cultures, from West African Griot musical storytelling to soulful South African township: vibrant and hypnotic, with improvisations embroidered throughout.


“Chesaba is an electrifying African celebration! Basking in Africa’s sheer diversity, they play music from the Ivory Coast to South Africa. We create sound from an eclectic blend of ’cello, kora, n’goni, African percussion, double bass and voice, accompanied by the languages of Bambara, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana and more. Embroidered around our music are improvisations influenced by African, jazz and classical music. 

Chesaba has a vibrant and virtuosic rhythmic expression coupled with powerful traditional melodies. Our music is made of a raw and colourful blend of African cultures, from Griot music – a tradition spanning centuries of civilisation in West Africa, being passed down through the generations, carrying with it an ancient culture of story-telling and musical celebration – to the soulful South African township music that expresses its powerful history.

As award-winning artists, we have played in prestigious festivals and venues such as the BBC Proms at Royal Albert Hall, Womad Festival, The Bridgewater Hall and on BBC Radio 3. The trio also has a passion for instilling diversity within its community through education and workshops.“


14.30 - 15.30

£8.50 (inc 50p bkg fee) Advance/£10 On the Day/Door