Sounds fantastic

Professor Jigget (storyteller)/Will Lenton, Kyran Matthews, Helen Pillinger, Helena Summerfield (saxophones)/Simone Manunza (guitar)/Paul Harding (double bass)/Neil McMinn (drums and percussion)

Salon Perdu

An interactive concert experience for children aged 5-11 and the young at heart, encouraging you to respond creatively through song, dance and Dalcroze techniques. Building on the success of How Monkey Found his Swing, HSQ return with the Ain’t Misbehavn’  band for another musical journey: this time, embark upon HMS Syncopation, as it travels around the world encountering different jazz styles, collecting pieces of fruit to create a vibrant fruit-salad-samba of world rhythms. Materials and instruments provided.



09.45 – 10.30

£8.50 (inc 50p bkg fee)/ 4-tkt offer £30.80 (inc £2.80 bkg fee)


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