Sounds fantastic

Dirs Matt Stephenson, Alan Jones, Harriet Jones/ GB 2017/ 40 mins


Following last year’s successful collaboration, HOME is pleased to once again partner with manchester jazz festival on a short season of jazz-related films. The focus this time round is on documentary, and having showcased Tubby Hayes in 2016, this year we turn the spotlight on unsung British legend Basil Kirchin.

What connects the first British rock’n’roll discs of the 1950s, Vincent Price, the Nagra tape recorder? The answer is Basil Kirchin – forgotten genius of post-war British music and a pioneer of musique concrete described by Brian Eno as “a founding father of ambient”.

Plus/ The film screens with short film Abstractions of Holderness, Esther Johnson’s 12-minute work inspired by Kirchin’s 1970s residency in East Yorkshire.

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