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One Million Faces by Julien Sanine

Maciek Pysz (guitars, FX)/David Amar (saxophone, voice, keyboard, FX)/Davy Sur (drums, percussion)

Salon Perdu

Polish guitarist Maciek Pysz joins forces with two French artists to create expansive, open and poetic music developed in southern France and evoking the open spaces of Morocco: organic and raw, yet seeking introspection and ‘the spaces in-between’.


“We met fortuitously while attending a concert in Monaco in 2014. We exchanged our conceptions of life, our ways of thinking about music. It was an artistic love at first sight! We decided to meet again to create a musical workshop that would resonate with our ethics and to implement ground-breaking compositional techniques where everyone’s personality, poetic soul and sense of the nomadic blended in the same breath.


During the summer of 2015 we locked ourselves away for months in southern France to develop our ‘plainness in sound’ in rehearsal sessions. We had fun playing blindfolded, sometimes working in the open air, sometimes in town absorbing urban energy, all the time listening to the resonance behind every silence.


The result was One Million Faces (OMF) Inwardness. Introspection, the space between sounds and inhabited silences are the roots of our inspiration. The music seeks to reflect the inner self that is in all things. The resulting songs have a raw and organic sound purity, as if they had been shaped by the seasons, a kaleidoscope where rhythmic melodies and sound textures collide and mingle.”



14.30 - 15.30

£8.50 (inc 50p bkg fee) Advance/£10 On the Day/Door


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