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Rangeela by Kris Extance

Gilford Singh (vocals, percussion)/Sam Lewis (soprano & tenor saxophone)/Liviu Gheorghe (keyboards)/Joe Glow (guitar)/Alan Keary (bass)/Mattiulah Baqizada (tabla)

Hobgoblin Festival Square

Rangeela (colourful  in Urdu) pushes the adventurous Indo-jazz fusions of the 1960s into a C21st urban melting pot of jazz, groove, funk and Indian classical, creating a warm, undulating, sound and a sincere fusion of cultures and styles.

“We blend our individual musical experiences to create a music unlike any other. This project was born out of a shared interest in Indian classical music and jazz, as well as a need to channel the most difficult and raw emotions into something beautiful. The music performed by Rangeela is largely improvised and fresh in the moment. The songs are formed around pre-agreed themes or scales then are then left open to interpretation and spontaneous restructuring! We are excited to bring our most ambitious line-up to date mjf!”

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18.30 - 19.30

Free – just turn up and enjoy

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