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Tom Syson

Tom Syson (trumpet)/Vittorio Mura (tenor saxophone)/Ben Lee (guitar)/David Ferris (piano)/Pete Hutchison (double bass)/Jonathan Silk (drums)

Salon Perdu

The fast-rising trumpeter presents exquisite, highly personal, emotive music exploring the full dynamic and tonal range of the instrument, with a warm, airy sound and approachable yet unusual compositions and forms; capturing tension and release, unease and stillness.

“My music emphasises melodic lines and phrases, surrounded by simple or complicated tensions and resolutions, whether that be rhythmically or harmonically. This is something I strive for in my own playing as well, along with an airy and warm sound. Using a wide range on my instrument is also something I aim for, thus increasing my sound palette. 

Most importantly, I want my music to be emotive. This for me is the essence of jazz. My debut album, released this year, expresses various anxieties amongst other things, and I want this to come across in both my writing and my playing. Ideally, my music should be approachable yet innovating, and I would want the listeners to go through a range of emotions.

Each member of the band brings something different to the table. We have known each other for over 5 years, and have played in this format for over a year. This helps greatly with communication and familiarity.”

“Tom Syson is one of the most interesting voices in the emerging generation of improvisers. His broad sphere of musical influence and exceptional instrumental facility means that he is without doubt one to watch.” ­ Percy Pursglove


13:00 - 14:00

£8.50 (inc 50p bkg fee) Advance/£10 On the Day/Door


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