“At manchester jazz festival, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, both in our city centre office and on site during the festival. mjf is also driven to help Manchester decrease its carbon footprint, and we’re determined to find even more ways to be environmentally sustainable for many years to come!

Here are some of the ways in which mjf has been staying GREEN throughout the years…maybe you can help us by playing your part?”

Steve Mead, Artistic Director


 Env sust image 3 - credit Stephen Bingham Env sust image 2 - credit Edward Brownrigg


We’ve been working with Julie’s Bicycle – the leading organisation for environmental awareness in the arts across the UK – to develop a policy and action plan that ensures that the impact our artists, audiences and staff make on the environment is as green as possible.

  • We have our own Environmental Sustainability Policy and Action Plan which we monitor and update every year
  • A large proportion of mjf artists are based in the North West, thereby reducing the impact of air and car travel
  • Most mjf venues are within easy walking distance of each other
  • We encourage audiences to travel to gigs on public transport or on foot wherever possible
  • We use public transport or bicycle when travelling to and from the office
  • 100% of our staff are local to Manchester
  • We participate in local and international conferences and meetings to discuss advances in environmental sustainability
  • We manage recycled paper
  • We use second-hand office furniture and refurbished computers
  • We manage electronic ticketing systems
  • We use local suppliers for PA, food stalls and equipment hire
  • We use electronic artists’ contracts, rather than paper ones
  • We provide artists’ accommodation, if required, within walking distance of the venue
  • We boast a partnership with The Midland Hotel, which is registered with the Green Tourism Business Scheme
  • We work with Emerge, a local company that promotes sustainable resource management, to recycle waste from Albert Square, backstage and in the public areas
  • We aim to recycle 75% of waste by 2018
  • We aim to use as little everyday energy resources as possible
  • We aim to ensure that as many of our venues are accessible as possible
  • We seek to minimise water bottle usage for artists on stage
  • We produce site marketing material that can be reused year-in, year-out
  • We aim to increase sign-up to the e-mail database by 10% each year, to decrease reliance on our print mail-out

Environmental sustainability is fundamental to the overall running and future development of the festival!